Simple Haircut Layers Tutorial (Short Stacked Hairstyles)

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Simple Haircut Layers Tutorial – Short Stacked Hairstyles

This video was such a fun hairstyle video to create.  We love it when it is our turn to get pampered a little.  In this video Missy and RaDona provide a hair tutorial on a layered short stacked hairstyle.

Missy first cut RaDona’s hair and then under direction of RaDona cut, colored and styles this cute stacked hair cut.  We have pictures of the final haircut below.

Front view of colored short stacked hairstyles

Short Stacked Hairstyles

Side view of Short stacked hairstyles

Short Stacked Hairstyles

When we began comprising this video, we wanted to answer a few set of questions.  We feel strongly that these videos are designed to help all kind of people.  Those that are starting hair school or those that like to try creative haircuts on their own.  These videos are designed to provide helpful information.  Please let us know what you think.

  • What is the benefit of short stacked hairstyles?
  • What method is the best way to cut a hairstyle like this?
  • Do we use scissors or shaver?
  • How does the color weave apply to the short hairstyle?
  • How often do you need to have your hairdresser maintain this type of hairstyle?

These questions and more are taught by RaDona in the video.  If you need more information, please contact us using our YouTube channel or leave a note in the comment section.  We try our very best to answer any and all of these type of questions.

Be sure to visit our channel and other sites to learn more about Short Stacked Hairstyles.


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